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Shopping online has been one of the alternatives a lot of people do nowadays because (1) it sometimes is cheaper to shop at online stores and (02) it is definitely hassle free. I am one of those guilty ones who love doing online shopping because of the aforementioned reasons; however we cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of scammers who will pretend as online shops to only take your money. So for all of those who love shopping online, here are my tips on how to avoid those unwanted scammers:

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1. Ask For Proofs

It is the customer’s right to assure that the online seller is legit. Ask for shipping proofs or positive feedbacks from previous customers. This way, you would know that the seller has already transacted with other people.

2. Meet-up

Some online sellers offer meet-ups but often times, they have a handling fee amount. It is sometimes better if you could meet the seller on the first transaction so you would really know him/her personally. Sometimes it is more comfortable to transact with people whom you have personally met.

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3. Payment Method Choice

For your first transaction with a seller, it is better if they could offer you a payment method via depositing in a bank account. This way, you could really secure that the person whom you would be sending the money is a real person. There is no problem with other payment methods like Moneygram, LBC, Gcash, etc.; but it is better if in the first transaction, at least, do a bank account payment method just to assure things. ID’s can be faked; but if worse comes to worse, bank accounts can be traced.

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4. Do Your Research

This is not about taking your money; but one time I saw an online shop claiming that what they’re selling are authentic MAC cosmetics; however, the case of the lipstick itself is obviously fake and with a P250 would you expect it to be original? I was really disappointed with that online shop. I respect, however, those online shops who admit to selling replicas. At least, their customers will not be misled when buying from them.

5. Pre-Loved Limitations

When shopping for pre-loved it is best if you ask the seller for any damages even if it is little and if how many times the item was used. It is just right that you know the present situation of the item you would be purchasing.

Never, in under any circumstances, buy pre-loved cosmetics. This is very unhygienic. I would rather suggest you buy cheaper but brand new cosmetics (as long as you don’t have sensitive skin) rather than buying branded but used cosmetics. Yes, there are some online shops selling pre-loved cosmetics and I really do discourage this. They may say that they don’t have any major skin diseases or whatsoever; but sharing cosmetics with other people can give you their acnes, warts and other minor skin issues they have and again, that is VERY UNHYGIENIC.

I hope my tips helped you in safely shopping online. If you have any additions and other suggestions, please feel free to comment or message me. I would appreciate it and will also give you proper credit. ;)


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