In the Philippines, a child gets to, normally, celebrate a grand birthday party at his 1st and 7th birthday. These parties are usually celebrated at the top fast food chains, restaurants or house parties complete with clowns and magicians. One of the very popular (now almost becoming a tradition) way of celebrating the party is through a Birthday party package at Jollibee.

Jollibee is a local fast food chain in the Philippines known for their Langhap sarap fried chicken and Filipino style spaghetti. If you’re a Filipino, you have got to admit that these are your two favourite dishes from the said fast food chain.

The party package at Jollibbee is complete with food, cake, mascot, games, prizes, loot bags and an energetic host. I have once celebrated a birthday party at Jollibee and it is for my 7th birthday party.

I didn’t get to take pictures about the party itself because I was too busy talking with my cousin and even joining the adult (I hate how they call it. I'm still young!) games. Our group actually won! I got a Jollibee ruler and a cute wiggling lady bug  pencil.

A Filipino’s childhood won’t be very much complete without a Jollibee birthday party. Did you celebrate yours there or at another fast food chains? 

Younger sister, Czai, enjoying her Jollibee hat ;)

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