Image Source: techpinas.com
If you have heard of the recent hacking done with the GMA News’s Website then you must know D4rkB1t. D4rkB1t is the code name of the hacker who is responsible for the GMA News’s website, Twitter and Facebook account hacking.

As per techpinas.com’s email conversation with the D4rkB1t, he found the security flaws in the website two months ago, emailed the web admin and failed to get any response. He hacked the website and accounts to make a statement. As a proof that his intentions were just to point out the security flaws, he did it a midnight so that less people would be hassled.

He claimed that it wasn’t him who posted the profanities in GMA News’s twitter account. He leaked the username and password but never twitted the malicious words. He said he has no idea who did it but is doing everything to get a hold of the person responsible for the profanity in GMA News’s tweets.

In his blogspot account, (http://d4rkb1t-1337.blogspot.com) he gave a warning to Summit Media, SPOT.ph and Manila Bulletin’s Tempo & Panorama. For Summit Media and SPOT.ph, he gave a 24 hour deadline to fix the vulnerabilities while just a warning to Tempo and Panorama.

His final words with techpinas.com’s email conversation were: “Webdevs should expect more attacks in the coming weeks.


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