Pixel Pro Inc. is one of the leading distributors of cameras and camera accessories here in the Philippines. Having four branches nationwide (SM Mega Mall, V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center, Parkmall Cebu, Marquee Mall Angeles), Pixel Pro Inc. has been reaching out to all the photographers and photography enthusiasts, not only in Metro Manila but also in the provincial areas.

Started in May 2008, Pixel Pro V-Mall branch has opened its doors to the public. Products sold in the branches range from point-and-shoot cameras to the more professional ones, the DSLR’s. Camera accessories both for point-and-shoot cameras and DSLR’s have also been made available so as to supply the camera owners the proper gadgets/accessories for their loved cameras. Soon, the company expanded, opening other branches at Parkmall Cebu, Megamall and Marquee Mall Angeles.

Pixel Pro Inc. believes in giving everyone a chance to release the inner photography in themselves; thus making, not only cameras but also, photography accessories, more accessible to everyone.”

... And now, Pixel Pro has also gone online! Yes, people. You can now buy your cameras and camera accessories via Pixel Pro’s website: http://www.pixelpro-online.com. First they had a multiply site which the main purpose is to showcase their products online and lead you to their branches. Now, they have made it easier for everyone to just order a camera. Owning yours is just a click away.

The slick and stylish design of the layout attracts the younger generations. It has a gray dusty background with pixelated colored square accents.
The website itself is easy to access. You can actually browse their products available either by category or by brand. Just like other online shops, they have a cart for easier buying if you would be purchasing more than one item. They also managed to give you good payment options from Paypal payments, to straight card and even offer you instalments or Cash on delivery (for selected Metro Manila areas only).

In case you have questions, fear not. They have an online live chat support from 9:30AM to 6:30PM.

Currently, they have an online opening promo in their website. They would be giving away a Panasonic SDR-H85 Camcorder! For more information regarding this awesome promo click the link >> http://pixelpro-online.com/shop/en/content/6-promo.

Almost everything truly has gotten online. You can do a lot of things in the internet like read articles, buy stuffs and even talk to your loved ones from any parts of the world. Who knows, maybe in the future you would just need to click on a destination and you’d be there in just a snap. Makes me remind of that time in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when they were going to Diagon Alley and you’d just need to drop the dust in the fireplace where you were standing. Really, who knows what the future holds?
Image Source: techpinas.com
If you have heard of the recent hacking done with the GMA News’s Website then you must know D4rkB1t. D4rkB1t is the code name of the hacker who is responsible for the GMA News’s website, Twitter and Facebook account hacking.

As per techpinas.com’s email conversation with the D4rkB1t, he found the security flaws in the website two months ago, emailed the web admin and failed to get any response. He hacked the website and accounts to make a statement. As a proof that his intentions were just to point out the security flaws, he did it a midnight so that less people would be hassled.

He claimed that it wasn’t him who posted the profanities in GMA News’s twitter account. He leaked the username and password but never twitted the malicious words. He said he has no idea who did it but is doing everything to get a hold of the person responsible for the profanity in GMA News’s tweets.

In his blogspot account, (http://d4rkb1t-1337.blogspot.com) he gave a warning to Summit Media, SPOT.ph and Manila Bulletin’s Tempo & Panorama. For Summit Media and SPOT.ph, he gave a 24 hour deadline to fix the vulnerabilities while just a warning to Tempo and Panorama.

His final words with techpinas.com’s email conversation were: “Webdevs should expect more attacks in the coming weeks.

I was browsing on my Twitter timeline and then I happen to see Demi Moore’s post regarding her current look. I clicked on the link and it led me to Fashism.

Fashism is an online social networking account which lets you post pictures about your current look; whether it is about your new outfit, makeup or a look you would want to try. It was created by Brooke Moreland intended to “...Get an unbiased opinion using that internet everyone is talking about.

How Does It Work?

All you need to do is sign up and then post pictures of your latest look, makeup or something you want to buy and you’d get unbiased opinion from the members of Fashism. Above its homepage is the Latest Looks so if someone uploads a new picture, you’d see it already and you can comment on them. Click Love it or Hate it depending on your judgment. It also averages the loves and hates on your picture so you would know the ratio of the interactions and personal opinions in your uploaded look. If you find someone whose fashion statement is to be loved, you can follow them. You can choose to have email updates regarding new comments, new replies, new follows and believe me their notification emails are motivating. Try it.

Fashism seem to be quite a hit to newbie fashionistas and abode to soon-to-be makeup gurus. If you want an unbiased opinion regarding what you’re wearing or what you would be wearing, you can post it here to get honest opinions. There aren’t a lot of members yet as per the updates I get from the Latest Looks section; though I believe this social fashion networking site will grow because it is easy to navigate and it has a simple but sophisticated layout and over-all feel.

Everything has almost gone online. From articles to tv shows and even shopping! 

By shopping online, you need not to leave the comforts of your home in order to get the stuffs you want. You can just go and put it in your online cart, follow the payment instructions and voila! Your item will be delivered right on your very door steps.

Pixel Pro is a camera shop with 4 branches nationwide (Megamall, Vmall Greenhills, Parkmall Cebu and Marquee Mall Angeles). They have been one of the trsuted camera and photography accessories shop by a lot of professional and even amateur photographers. They offer cameras and accessories fit for those who wants to go pro and as well for those who just wants a simple point-and-shoot camera.

Their online shop started in multiply through: http://digitalbar.multiply.com and now they have their own website at: http://www.pixelpro-online.com

Their website is still, currently, under construction. Watch out for their soft launch before the summer ends to get exclusive deals and even freebies for those who would be purchasing online. You can follow them on twitter for exclusive updates: http://twitter.com/pixelproinc