Used To be One Of The Boys - So Gelleesh...
Well, after the malling and tutorial shoot I went out to my friend's place 'cause it's his son's Christening. I know it's like too late; but hey, I am after the boooooze! 

Anyway, wasn't able to take much pictures because we all caught up with each others' lives. I missed my HS senior buddies . My friends were like all guys and I'm counted as one of the boys. I never though that a few years after I would turn out to be a makeup junkie. I used to be like into rock music, video gaming and I told myself I will never ever use makeup; but that was all in the past. Now, I am superbly "malandi" but the way my friends treated me last night never did change. I'm still one of the boys even if I have too much paint on my face. 

I had a little camwhoring moment with my buddy, Enrick:
Our drunken stare... XD
Pout NOW! :X
No I didn't blink! I was showing off my eye makeup LOL
I hope I could hang out with my boys again soon. I missed them. I can still remember the little crazy things we did back in high school. Some things change, I know; but real friends are still friends even as time passes by. 

How 'bout you guys? What did you miss in high school? :D

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