The Obando Festival 2011 - So Gelleesh...
If you do not know what the hype about the Obando Festival is, then you aren’t probably a Filipino (LOL). The Obando Festival’s schedule for celebration is May 17 – 19, 2011. The Obando Festival or more popularly known as the Obando Fertility Rites is when people from all around the country (even from different parts of the world) go to when they wish for a husband, a wife or most specifically a child.

I have graduated elementary and high school at the parochial school in Obando (Colegio de San Pascual Baylon), but I haven’t completely attended the festival rites. This is because of two reasons: (1) it’s celebrated during school vacation, (2) I’m originally from Valenzuela. Still, this is not enough excuse, I am very much aware. I’m like in my early 20’s now and I still haven’t been to a single Obando Festival. Shame on me! So, for this year, I decided to visit Obando with my mom and two sisters. Literally, visit. Okay, maybe next year I might go full time on this festival but I’m really very busy these past few days. I’ll TRY next year, promise! (See how the word “try” is emphasized? LOL)

So here is what pushed us more to visit Obando: Ma’am Annie, my most favourite high school teacher whom I loved so much, invited the whole family for dinner (May 17, 2011). We went and before heading to Ma’am Annie’s abode, we first stopped by to the Obando church for a quick prayer and visit.

The patio was full of food carts, fast food chain mobiles, people selling flowers, candles shaped in a man and a woman and of course, what is a festival without the “tiangge.” Intentionally, I did not bring my wallet because I don’t want to be tempted to buy even those small cute stuffs. I am saving up and every peso is important!

Next year I’m planning on doing a full day-to-day coverage of the Obando festival. That is the plan. I am now going to find a way on how I could do that. Or at least the highlight of the day’s event, will that do?

PM or comment me your suggestions! It will be very well appreciated.

Facade of the Obando Church
Crowd in front of the church
Church Entrance
The Patio is filled with foooood! :D
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Thats an interesting article. I knew some of them but mostly it was new to me. I enjoyed it quite a lot.Keep them coming, because you have a fan.


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