This is the first and the last that I would be attending this event since: (1) I need to get back to my work at the office, (2) I'm not a Lasallian just one of the sponsors and (3) I have my own affairs by Friday and Saturday. Anyway, we don't have an individual booth at the event but we shared one with Panasonic. 

Thanks to Jessy Go, The Lasallian's Editor-in-Chief, for the invite on becoming one of the sponsors and to Panasonic for inviting us for a tie-up. Other sponsors of the event: Transcend, Metrowalk, GMA Network, ABS-CBN Network.
There is PIXEL PRO! If you can't see, you are blind LOL
Here's what I did not like at the event: The exhibiting sponsors are stuck at the 17th floor and it was blazing (hyperbole!)hot there. Anyway, We would be offering, until Saturday (May07,2011), Godspeed Bags and Panasonic cameras! They're discounted so grab that offer immediately! 
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