Good Night Royal Wedding! - So Gelleesh...
Well, when I got home I immediately turned my TV on CNN for the Royal Wedding coverage. Until now they are showing off the Royal Wedding featuring the hash tags at twitter for the #RoyalWedding and as well as the 2 smacks done by the NOW Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A lot of people loved watching the Royal Wedding while some have been pissed about how overrated it has become.

What do I think? Naah. I'm not pissed, nor am I dying to know every single details. I'm just keeping myself updated as to what has been happening around so I tuned in to CNN's Royal Wedding cover.

Speaking of the Royal Wedding, hats played a major role in the English royalty culture. These are the two hats I loved from the Royal Wedding:

Victoria Beckham looks hot despite being pregnant. Looooove the hat! (image source:
Princess Beatrice of York and her daring hat! (image source:
I hope you all enjoyed the Royal Wedding. I know, as a child, you have had a crush on Prince William (I know I did, it's just that I wished he wasn't balding now. LOL). So now, she is finally married to the beautiful Kate Middleton. Don't worry girls, you'll have your prince charming at the right time (figuratively speaking LOL). BTW, Kate Middleton's dress is superb:
Kate Middleton's dress modeled after Grace Kelly's. Two dashing and gorgeous royalties. (image source:
Well, it's kind of late now and I still have Sat work so I guess this is it for now. Good morning sleep everyone! ;)

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