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The first hint I got about this is chuvaness.com's tweet: "confeermed! guess who's coming to town?" and then she posted a picture of a pair of gorgeous eyes that can only be of Ed Westwick or more popularly known as THE Chuck Bass. With the caption under the picture being: "You Know You Love Him" it is a sure that the hot eyes belong to an Upper East Sider we all love.

manila-guide.com posted a blog entry regarding predictions on who these eyes are and she came up with Chuck Bass. As chuvaness.com still continues with the clues that it won't be Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald) nor Penn Badgeley (Dan Humphrey).

As per the trending tweets and other more random tweets, seem like Ed would be doing a photo shoot with Penshoppe next week. mindy-tv.blogspot.com confirmed this information via @PublicityAsia on twitter as they are working with Penshoppe on this project.

Now, would the Bass be going around in Manila to make all her ladies here happy? We sure hope he would. As for now, be happy he'd be here, hope for the best and thank Penshoppe.

Gelleesh BASS. (LOL)

**UPDATES: This tweet pretty much says it all:  @PublicityAsia IT'S OFFICIAL: ED WESTWICK is the NEW lead endorser of PENSHOPPE 2011/12 campaign! Cheers to @penshoppe #YouKnowYouLoveHIM

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