There have a lot of unexpected twists and turns in this 2nd season of Glee; but the most shocking of all is the announced soon-to-be DEATH of someone from Glee. Yes, folks, someone will die on the next episode of Glee. I know for a fact that you have now been running names on your mind and assessing who would it be; but I don’t know if you can get it right since according to Matthew Morrison’s interview with E! : “Somebody’s dying... It’s no one you would expect.”

So, if we expect someone we least expected would the least expected be the most expected? Don’t bother answering that. It will only drive you nuts. I’m just intentionally confusing you.

According to TV Line’s Michael Ausiello the character is “beloved” and “will rock the world of one of Mckinley’s own.”

Now do you have your crystal ball predictions up already? I’m so dying (figuratively) to know who it would be. I have my own guess but I think I’d keep it on my own so as to not influence other people’s guesses and just to play with your minds.

After this week’s dramatic Prom Queen Episode, another sure tear jerker will come our way.

So, if you want to share your thoughts you are very much welcome to post your comments for your predictions and assumptions. Let’s all figure it out together fellow Gleeks! ;)

Source: wetpaint.com; spoilersguide.com

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