NYX is one of my favourite cosmetics brand. It’s one of the good ones but also comes affordable. As of the moment, I am using the NYX Lip Smacking Lipstick in Fig or better known as the Round Lipstick.

What have I got to say about it?

What I Loved:

The Lip Smacking lipstick or more popularly known as the round lipstick is the most affordable lipstick of NYX. I loved how the Fig shade perfectly pushed my lips to pout by itself and I just adore the noticeable pink that it shows off. I can wear it anytime and in any occasion. It doesn’t make me look old, it makes my lips become noticeably pouty and pretty and did I already say it is budget- friendly?

What I Didn’t So Much Love:

It can easily be wiped out that is why I had to re-apply it again after a like 6 hours; other than that, great shade and great lipstick.


I love the NYX Round Lipstick in Fig. It perfectly blended with my skin tone and I love having noticeable lips. Though I may have a problem with its lasting effect, I so totally love it still and I will be trying their other shades soon. I would be giving it a rate of 7/10. A decent lipstick shade and brand for young girls who wants to have noticeably pretty lips at an affordable price.


5/1/2011 03:01:14 pm

i wanna try nyx lipsticks but i dont know what color goes well with me

i love your blog!

5/2/2011 02:42:37 pm

red ones or neutral color would look good on you. pink might make you look pale... :P

7/11/2012 02:07:10 pm

Thanks for info


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