All Glammed Up is online Philippine based cosmetics shop which basically sells original cosmetics for less. They would be having an online auction sale in their Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/allglammeduponline). Brands which will be covered by the auction sale are ELF, NYC and WET 'N WILD COSMETICS. 

The auction actually already started 12mn of May 16, 2011 for the ELF Cosmetics. They will be auctioning one brand per day as to not confuse and overwhelm the buyers. The ELF Cosmetics lowest starting bid is P99.00 and I believe you cannot get a better deal than that.

So, there. If you're looking for superbly affordable cosmetics, just go to http://allglammedup.weebly.com for their official website. They also have a multiply account which is: http://allglammedupshop.multiply.com and of course, their fan page is already mentioned above.

Go shop online and get your cosmetics delivered right at your very doorsteps!
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