Pixel Pro Inc. is one of the leading distributors of cameras and camera accessories here in the Philippines. Having four branches nationwide (SM Mega Mall, V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center, Parkmall Cebu, Marquee Mall Angeles), Pixel Pro Inc. has been reaching out to all the photographers and photography enthusiasts, not only in Metro Manila but also in the provincial areas.

Started in May 2008, Pixel Pro V-Mall branch has opened its doors to the public. Products sold in the branches range from point-and-shoot cameras to the more professional ones, the DSLR’s. Camera accessories both for point-and-shoot cameras and DSLR’s have also been made available so as to supply the camera owners the proper gadgets/accessories for their loved cameras. Soon, the company expanded, opening other branches at Parkmall Cebu, Megamall and Marquee Mall Angeles.

Pixel Pro Inc. believes in giving everyone a chance to release the inner photography in themselves; thus making, not only cameras but also, photography accessories, more accessible to everyone.”

... And now, Pixel Pro has also gone online! Yes, people. You can now buy your cameras and camera accessories via Pixel Pro’s website: http://www.pixelpro-online.com. First they had a multiply site which the main purpose is to showcase their products online and lead you to their branches. Now, they have made it easier for everyone to just order a camera. Owning yours is just a click away.

The slick and stylish design of the layout attracts the younger generations. It has a gray dusty background with pixelated colored square accents.
The website itself is easy to access. You can actually browse their products available either by category or by brand. Just like other online shops, they have a cart for easier buying if you would be purchasing more than one item. They also managed to give you good payment options from Paypal payments, to straight card and even offer you instalments or Cash on delivery (for selected Metro Manila areas only).

In case you have questions, fear not. They have an online live chat support from 9:30AM to 6:30PM.

Currently, they have an online opening promo in their website. They would be giving away a Panasonic SDR-H85 Camcorder! For more information regarding this awesome promo click the link >> http://pixelpro-online.com/shop/en/content/6-promo.

Almost everything truly has gotten online. You can do a lot of things in the internet like read articles, buy stuffs and even talk to your loved ones from any parts of the world. Who knows, maybe in the future you would just need to click on a destination and you’d be there in just a snap. Makes me remind of that time in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when they were going to Diagon Alley and you’d just need to drop the dust in the fireplace where you were standing. Really, who knows what the future holds?


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