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Okay, so my birthday is like 3 months away so I'm going to post my birthday wishlist and show it to all my family and friends in case they are wondering what they should be giving me for my birthday. Hahaha! This is just actually for fun but it would really make my day if someone would really give me something from this list. Oh, and I really did indicate where to buy and how much so it's ready for purchasing! Hahaha! Here it goes:
1. My own domain (PHP 1,800.00/YEAR)
I think Weebly offers the cheapest domain so it'd be great if someone could buy me a year's registration for my domain. I have been blogging for only a few months now and I kind of want my own domain now.
Image from Props Tools & Cosmetics
2. 78 Pcs. Props Palette V2  (PHP 890.00)
I am looking for a makeup palette which would be affordable and something I can really fully utilize. This Props Palette already has eyeshadow, lips and blush colors already. this is definitely an all in one palette which, I think, is something makeup enthusiasts should own.
Image from Props Tools & Cosmetics
3. 20 Pcs. Props Brush Set (PHP 1,100.00)
It sometimes is hard to achieve a certain look if you don't have the proper tools for it. That is why I want this brush set from Props. It actually has everything I need and it's really affordable. It has claims of being all natural goat hair so that is a good thing. Not synthetic. With this brush set plus the palette, I would be able to do the looks I have been wanting to do.
Image from Suesh Makeup Toolkit
4. Suesh Vanity Kit - CL102 (PHP 1,000.00)
This vanity kit is affordable, casual-looking and looks really easy to carry around. Instead of bringing a bulky hard train case, I kind of prefer this one since this looks like it can carry my necessary makeup and I can commute with this vanity kit.
Image from pixelpro-online.com
5. EOS 1100D 18-55 (PHP28,800.00)
I need a DSLR right now for the images I use in my blog and for shots of the makeup I put on to people and to my face as well. So if someone could sponsor one for me I will give you a year long ad in my blog and credits to every image I post here. Hahaha! *Calling mom and dad* Hahaha!
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6. Moolah for more clothes and shoes (PHP10,000.00)
I think I need more clothes and shoes. Hahaha! I have been overly spending for makeup and going out with friends that I barely leave money to buy myself new clothes and shoes. As much as I would want to upgrade my blog to being a fashion/beauty blog, I would have to say that makeup fascinates me more than fashion. As much as I would want to be super shopaholic for clothing, I still always look for the makeup section instead of where the clothes are when I am going to the mall. So, I always end up buying beauty and skin care stuffs instead of clothing and shoes. So, if someone could give me money and indicate that it is strictly for clothing or if someone could take me out for shopping clothes so that I'd be limited to buying only clothes and none for cosmetics and skin care, that'd be awesomeness!

As of now, these are the stuffs I would want to really have. I wish someone would give them to me because I am too "kuripot" to buy stuffs plus I am such a  cheap-ass so the stuffs listed here are the best and most affordable I can find. Hahaha! 

Tonight's prayer:

"Dear God, please direct someone on this blog who would be most willing to give at least one of these stuffs. Thank you. Amen."


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